Well, hello there!

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We’re in September now and if you haven’t already noticed I blog elsewhere now. Follow me over on baby the great and join in on the fun!

If you’re wondering what’s going on with my business, that took a backseat while I adjusted to motherhood.  I want to introduce the new way I’ll be selling my jewelry: instasales!

Follow me at shoplr and catch the first sale starting tomorrow.

Sales will run for one week intervals and what’s up for grabs won’t always be the same.

ciao for now! be sure to change your bookmarks to baby the great

I haven’t forgotten

I’m just super busy reading reading reading and getting ready for baby.

Some things were up in the air regarding my jewelry, but everything has settled now.

This means I actually haven’t forgotten and yes I am still having the sale. Instead of closing the business by Dec 31, I’m giving it until around Jan 14. Safe enough distance from baby being born and one week before my 31st birthday. I’ll announce everything next week.

To slightly catch you up to speed-

This was taken a few weeks ago. Me at 25 weeks.

I’ve been cooking and eating (mainly eating) up a storm. And trying to drink as much water as possible. I’ve had a surprisingly hard time with drinking water. Most of the time I’m not thirsty. But I have my moments. I try to walk a lot. I’m not so confident on the bicycle anymore (I was biking everywhere for a good chunk of time) so I definitely make a point to walk. I’ve tried to be good about prenatal yoga, but I get lazy. Although I will not knock it. It definitely helps.

This I know for sure: I absolutely LOVE being pregnant! L.O.V.E. LOVE! Oh it’s the best feeling ever created.

I’ve started a new blog. One that’s currently charting our pregnancy experience. Stop by and have a look and leave a message. Baby, the great.

Ciao for now. I’ll be back in a few days. I promise this time. Just waiting on a flyer to be made and then cleaning up the shop.

special announcement


I have good reason for being gone.


Real good reason.

I can’t promise I’ll be back daily, but I will be back periodically.
Tons of things are changing. For one, I’m going to stop making jewelry for a few months (probably closer to a year). Before I do, I really want to have a sale til every last piece is gone on to a happy home. I’ll be back with details on that. I’d like to be done with that before the year is over.
Also, I’m trying to concentrate more on writing and some other projects that I’ve been sitting on for months and want to develop. So let’s see where all that goes. In the meantime, I’m here. Say hi. :)


Happy Friday!

This week has been awesome and exciting. I am getting ready for my very first infrared sauna appointment. I’ll report next week how it felt. I had a gang of posts I was working on all week, but just never had enough time to edit and get them posted. No worries. The news will all be relevant next week, when you read it.

Yesterday was my 6 year anniversary of meeting the love of my current and future lifetimes. We celebrated by going to see the ballet. We’re fancy. Yesterday was also my one year anniversary of becoming officially British. Holla at double special days! Tomorrow is the opening of the Mr.’s latest exhibition, Essentials. If you’re in Amsterdam, stop by the Battalion from 4-10 to see his work and buy something for yourself and a friend. He’ll have lots of fun stuff available.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve streamlined the pricing in my shop and that it will be available until Tuesday of next week, when I make a major decision about what stays live. I also have MAJOR news to announce next week. The time has finally come.

I’ve also done quite a bit of cooking and hanging out with friends so forgive the absence. But I will have a recipe to share next week as well! Whut whut!

Well, I’ve got to get this face mask on before my appointment.
How was your week? Do anything exciting?

Have an amazing weekend! I’ll be back on Monday. Pinky swear.

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