Hi all!

I’ve been compiling an ever growing list of things to try and make at home. Pinterest has only made it worse. Worse meaning exceedingly awesome and unimaginable.

Today is a special special day for me, as when you read this, I’ll either be on my way to swear in as a British citizen or already am one. I’m so super stoked, because I felt every single day of the past 4.5 months. Most days were bearable, while others just weren’t. I’m not one for waiting for anything. Especially something that I don’t know the outcome of. But that wait was put in the past 2 weeks ago. The new wait was filled with So, what outfit should I put together for my ceremony? Where are we going to eat after? That wait was a fun one.

So in celebration of foods and happy things, I put together all the cakes and treats I’ve seen on pinterest that I’d love. My husband also wanted to hold off our Dutch wedding celebration until it was certain that I would get my citizenship, so of course my mind is on wedding party, part deux. If I get my way, we’ll have something fun this summer and it’ll hopefully look something like this (as far as snacks go, since I know the Dutch don’t seem to do fancy. USA!):

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