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I am so happy and kind of feeling like Super Woman right now. It’s just after 2pm here and I’ve finished almost everything I need to online. After I write this post, I’m done for this week!

I got out all the info for The Great Postcard Swap this morning. Buttons have been made and everything. Thank you so much to everyone that signed up! We’re a crew of 27 and I think we’re going to have a rad time.

I’ve already learned some things about getting to this point that I’ll share in the future. If you want to keep track of everything going on with that, just click on the button in my sidebar. Or click this link if you’re reading this from a reader.

My shop update goes live today at 5PM CET. Every minute for 13 minutes a new product will become available. There’s a special deal all weekend on the bracelets, so get them while you can!

Don’t forget that anyone that gives themselves manicures at home can join my other flickr group: Pretty Polished. That’s always open.

I hope to have an AMAZING surprise to share on Monday! You must come back for that.
Hopefully all goes well.

We’re heading south this weekend to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. I’ve been trying to think of a pet name for her.
I don’t really want to call her mommy because that’s my mom’s name, but I’ve never really liked terms like mom. That’s why I call her mommy.
I was thinking of calling her something like what they called my grandma (children and adults alike): Mommy Jane. My grandma was called Mommy Sue. Or maybe just mama like they do here in Holland.

THAT was a mouthful!
If you’re married, what do you call your mother in law?
Or if you have a cute pet name for an older woman in your life, what do you call her?
So far, I’ve just been walking up to her if I need to talk to her. lol I don’t like that.

Here are some links from here and around the web:

  • Whitney Deal has her own bridal line coming out. I cannot wait to get something!
  • Congrats to my friend Dre, who was written up in the NYT
  • Miranda July has a new film. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU???
  • The shows they have in Europe. I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I wanted to!
  • This experiment was sick! Made me think about how many times I’ve put on makeup.

Detail from Money to Loan by Margaret Kilgallen. Photographed by Robert Wedemeyer

Welp, I’m out! Catch ya on Monday. Have a most fabulous one!
Today decided to get back to Spring like weather. Almost the entire week it was POURING down rain. Womp. Where have I moved?

[ top photo via, via, source ] [ bottom photo source ]

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