Happy May Day!

I’ve been struggling with the concept of routine for the longest while. I like having a routine to help map out important things that need to be done, but I’ve become so lax at it since moving here since I didn’t have an office I needed to report to, that there’s just little organization all around.

No good.

So in an effort to remedy that, I just set up a fairly rough but tight schedule for myself in my iCal:

Sherisa D Calendar Schedule

Time to hold myself accountable. I really have to split my weeks up into 3 major parts: writing, blogging and jewelry. From now on I’ll start my mornings with 7:30 am exercise of some sort. I have a Wii that my husband bought me and I’ve used literally about 7 times in over a year. For shame! My body is definitely not in the shape it should be so I need to stop playing myself and get fit.

Obviously this calendar will change from time to time as I have different things come up: freelancing, outside appointments, etc. but it should still allow for a substantial amount of time overall each week to devote to my 3 biggest priorities. I’ll be expanding on this topic in the future.

I can’t believe we’re five months into the year already. Time really just whizzes by. I have a lot to talk about this week and I wasn’t around yesterday because it was Queensday here in Holland, so lots to catch you up on.

How was your weekend? Have you made a schedule for yourself? How did it work out for you? Let me know what you’ve done and how it works or (hasn’t worked) for you in the comments section. 

**PS the contest is closed and I’ll contact Elle and Melissa with your prizes!

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