I thought it would be a great way to clear the slate at the start of the month by addressing something things that trouble me business-wise. After seeing the incredible wave of participants, and being one myself the first go round, it has been so freeing and connecting that I thought I would take another step and talk about business related fears.

So here goes…

I’ve really struggled finding my audience here and in some ways, back home. This will sound like a horrible thing to say but I really think people expect my work to look a certain way based on my appearance. That because I’m natural I use tons of wood and make extremely Afro-centric things. I’ve never had anyone outright say something negative to me, but I’ve definitely been asked when am I going to make something big or loud or whatever. I usually shrug it off, but it’s certainly something that sticks to my bones when I’m feeling vulnerable and exposed. Now this may sound ridiculous to someone reading it, but it’s a very real thing I deal with. I feel that being placed in a category based on looks means my business is supposed to reflect that and since on the surface it doesn’t appear to, I’m slighted.

Another thing that has always bothered me and I’ve spoken about here countless times before is being respected for my price points. I know my price tags are well within a reasonable range, but the amount of times that I’ve been told directly to my face that something costs too much is almost incredible. Sometimes to the point where I wondered why am I even still doing this?

I’ve set up my goals and even created the 6011 collective, but now that we’re in June I realize just how little has been done. I’m not panicking because I still have the rest of the year, but I’m just saying. Having a reliable support system is more important than just having a support system. You need to know you can count on someone to help with the load. 6011 Collective is on an indefinite break and I am trying to think of ways to get that ball rolling again.

I feel so separated from my community [*]. Equal parts of being initially unsure of myself and intimidated by the online world of business women and then not wanting to feel too personal then getting over all that and just being myself–took a while. I’m talking years. I started around the same time as some more known in the blogosphere, but it took a long while to feel comfortable. To exchange ideas. To connect with others. I still struggle with this, but not nearly as bad as at first. My thing now is getting to know and having a real community and friendship with other jewelry designers. It’s important to have and feel that sisterhood.

[*] SO The most amazing thing happened to me this weekend. More of what I’m kind of dying to share with you from yesterday’s post. As soon as the ink is dry I will share it, but I feel a lot different about that last thing I’m afraid to share now. I met this amazing community of women designers and business owners on Saturday. So I say I feel less like this because I don’t actually know them yet, but the potential is there. And it is palpable. And beautiful.

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