Hello lovelies! Do you have anything planned this weekend? We’ll be at the Strawberry Earth Film Festival today and tomorrow checking out films on saving our planet in one way or another. Should be lots of fun and I hope to have quite a bit to report back about. The weather is supposed to be amazing today as well. I’m hoping to do a little shopping today for either a plant and/or some glass.

Here are some stories from around the web:

A huge congratulations to Patrice on having her own MAC lipglass put out this summer!
This story really inspired me, business wise. It’s great to just get out there.
I love when a story reminds me of bits of my past.
I downloaded this pattern and I think it might be one of the first sewing projects I tackle.

Here are three of my previous posts you might have missed this week:

I love labneh, and now I have normal and vegan recipe options. Double score!
There’s still a sale going on over in the shop until midnight tonight! Click the link for the code!!
I started to dig into the why of my business. Next week, I’ll follow up some more.

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