Good happy Monday morning kiddies!!

So I told you I had LOTS to share.

As you can see by the title, I’ve got quite a bit to cover. Let’s go in order:

the wknd
Over the weekend, Dennis and I went South for his moms bday. It was my first true Dutch birthday celebration. My conclusion: I really don’t like how the Dutch celebrate pretty much anything. Super lame. Sometimes I really like to believe that some things aren’t written exactly how they happen in real life, but the UnDutchables was spot on about Dutch birthday parties. I will NEVER have a birthday party like that for Dennis, myself or our kids so long as we live here. His poor mom and dad didn’t even get to sit down! Noone brought cards, gifts, cake. Nothing. They all just talked about whatever in the infamous circle and his mom and dad spent the entire night refilling cups of coffee, tea and liquor. Never me. Nunt-uh. Never.

The event itself was nice for me because I got to meet a bunch of new family members I hadn’t previously met and my brother in law gave us two really spectacular gifts for our home. It was nice seeing his parents and we’ve decided to take our niece to Amsterdam for an extended weekend so she can have some fun with us. Saturday night was fun. We drew tattoos all over our niece and took photos of it and I painted my nails.

We left midday on Sunday to head to Rotterdam (a new part I’d never been to and could totally see myself living in) to go see about my surprise! WE GOT A KITTEH!!! My very first pet EVER. I never even had a pet rock. This thing is tiny and breathes and eats and takes a pee and poop and looks at us! A tiny little animal. Wowzers.

Meet Pixel Fox. Yes, we’re geeks. I especially love how unisex the name is. Here he is:

Pixel Fox de Groot, our first child of the furry ketteh kind.


We will never forget Tofu, our first cat we had to give away.

So yeah, cat posts might become a regular around here. So far I am not feeling allergic at all, but I am under the weather so maybe once I can fully breathe again, things might change. I hope not though.

the shop
On Friday, I introduced 13 new bracelets in the shop and they are on sale until TONIGHT! I love them but I would much rather they find happy homes to live in. You can click below or on the button in my sidebar to be taken to them or follow this link. Go get your shop on!

The Great Postcard Swap
I spent a really large chunk of last week getting everything prepared for The Great Postcard Swap and it finally officially begins today! 26 amazing ladies signed up and we’ll all be posting on blogs or adding photos to our flickr group. I’ll keep everything updated here. You can click the button in the sidebar to follow along. I really love the mix of personalities and locations too! Not bad for a first timer.

Pixel Fox de GrootYeh, I couldn’t resist. How cute is Pixel, really?

mucho love! til tomorrow.

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