For those who do and don’t know, my amazing hubster Dennis is the illustrator and graphic design extraordinaire behind PunchDouble. Last Friday his rebranded portfolio site went live.

Design for Mankind and Booooooom "Free Encouragement" Collaboration by Dennis de Groot
He’s a pretty amazing guy and an even more amazing artist. I don’t love his work because I’m with him; I’ve loved it before I even really knew him. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow over the past few years and come into more of his own. This September he’s publishing a book here in Amsterdam with some of his illustrations. I’ll be talking about it again later this month, but in the meantime go and check out his site.

Bare Essentials by Dennis de Groot. Publishing in September 2011

He’s worked on some pretty awesome projects. The top photo is his collaboration with Design For Mankind x Booooooom on “Free Encouragement”.  He also was a part of Design For Mankind’s “This is Home” project. The bottom photo is a sneak peak at his book.

My personal favorite is the yellow cube. You’ll see why when you click on it. Words on that project by yours truly.

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