230: Shop Updated!!

Go and check out all the new yummy treats over in the shop today!!
All of my older items are already marked down so scoop them up!

Here is your week long e-soiree shopping code:

Je Luis Autumn 09 collection. Necklaces by L'élephant Rose

New pricing rule–>

Any item over $50 enjoys free shipping in the continental U.S. ALWAYS!

October’s Deal–>

Jewelry e-soiree is in FULL EFFECT folks! Here’s what you do:

  1. Find items you like. Buy said items. Give them as gifts. Or keep for yourself.
  2. The code is valid for an unlimited amount of purchases for 7 whole days.
  3. This sale ends on October 18th 2009.
  4. The sale is on ABSOLUTELY everything listed! New + old.
  5. Tell your friends/family/coworkers about the event!

The code allows you FREE SHIPPING all week on all purchases
(NYS residents pay tax).

Can’t wait to see what you get!
Lots of my items are currently no more than 3-5 in stock,
so if there’s something you like that’s run out,
feel free to email me about it!

Happy Shopping!!

225: jewelry e-soirees

So, I’ve come up with an incentive for the e-soiree.

I will hold one starting next week, Oct 12 for 7 days.
I will post the code up next monday.

Here’s what you do:
tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell passersby on the street!

You can send out a mass email and let them know the code and that it works for a 7 day period, 24 hours a day.

That’s all you have to do.

Since I am the host, the personal incentive is gone, but if you’re interested in hosting one for your friends / coworkers / anyone read this link about hosting a jewelry e-soiree!

They are super easy and they don’t require anyone to GO anywhere! Just shop from home. Shop in the middle of the day. Shop in the middle of the night. It’s up to you.


195: the settling dust

I’ve been a crazy head the past couple of days.
Launching a site AND literally packing your entire house SIMULTANEOUSLY–not a good or smart idea. Luckily, with my extra cool powers, I’ve managed to do both without any real hitches.

Word to the wise (& sane): NEVER do that.

This explains why I haven’t posted this week yet.
Now that that’s all clearing, let me catch everyone up on some stuffs.

First, CONGRATS are in order for mme. Richards, for winning last weeks contest. Since I’ve missed Monday this week, we’re just going to pretend this week didn’t happen. haha

To make up for it, I’ll be having a contest EVERY SINGLE DAY NEXT WEEK! You have exactly one day to enter each, plus I wanted to end the month with a bang! :)
These will start next Monday morning. Hooray!

Be sure to check back every day for the new contest.

I am also currently having my very first e-soiree! The lovely Crystal is hosting it for her friends WORLDWIDE. If you’re interested in having one of your own, click HERE to learn about them and click HERE to email me about setting it up. I’d be more than happy to have you.

This Saturday AND Sunday, I’ll be vending at Habana Outpost in Brooklyn. So come out if you’re in the area. It’s the last full weekend I’ll be out there. Good weather, permitting.

I made these really dope bracelets about a week or so ago, and I plan on having a bunch there this weekend. I’m going shopping for supplies today. They are really fun and they will be available for only $20 in person {$22 online} as the introductory price until the end of the month! After that, they’ll start at $25. Of course they will get more complicated and intricate as time goes on, because I can never keep my life simple haha.

Here’s a pic of what they look like: SDC14951

I am NOT naked, it just really looks like it. Haha. It’s summer folks.

I’ve also got some dope collabs in the works and events happening. The rest of this year is shaping up NICELY!

***Hey! I just got an idea. This week we can have a short contest after all…tell me where you’d wear this bracelet. Leave your answer in the comment section. The response I like most, wins!  The winner will get one FREE (just pay shipping)***

Contest ends This Sunday at midnight EST

I love you all.

179: Introducing…L'élephant Rose e-soiree!!

Lil love bugs!

I’ve finally thought through how I want these to work! You want to have a party with your girls but they all live too far away? Do they wake up in Japan when you’re going to sleep in NY? Or do you all live so far I’d need to fly there? I’m not a big baller yet, so until we get there…

The e-soiree is for you!

How does it work?

Just like the regular jewelry soirees I have, only these last for one week!

  • Tell all your friends that you want to host a party
  • Send them all an email or an e-invitation and include me in it so I can see the emails of those attending
  • Once we’ve decided on the week you as the hostess has chosen, I will email all participants a special code for them to apply to their purchases.
  • The e-soiree will run for 7 full days and start any day of the week you decide!
  • I will be accessible via email the entire time so if anyone needs to contact me about anything, they will be able to get me.

What do the guests receive?

  • All participants get free shipping on their orders! It will be just like they are getting it in person.
  • Personalized service!
  • A discount towards their next purchase included in their shipment!
  • The relaxed atmosphere to buy at their leisure, repeatedly, for a week!
  • The opportunity to get exactly what they want! Most times I only have one of everything when I do a live party. This way if 3 of you want the same item you can all have it (as long as I have enough material).
  • You benefit from any special sales that might be going on online as well!
  • Use your code once that week or 25 times, you get the same discount! It only expires when the week is over.

What do you as the hostess receive?

  • We start off with a $15 credit to use towards your purchases that week!
  • If any of your friends book an e-soiree or live soiree that week (they may live closer to me) you will get a $10 credit towards your order!
  • You also receive 10% of the final sales at the end of the week, that can be given as a gift certificate towards more lovely L’élephant Rose trinkets and can be used to order custom work. [To be redeemed in the future.]

What are the benefits?

  • You can invite as many women as you want! Friends, family, coworkers!!
  • You can even invite men who may want to buy something for someone else!
  • No need to have to clear your schedule if you’re too busy to physically host a party but would like the option of still hosting one.
  • You are promoting buying handmade, and that makes you crazy super awesome. I’ll send you a gold star!

I think it is! And I’m sure you guys will love it.

E-soiree? Live soiree?
Which one works for you? Book yours today!! E-soirees are available IMMEDIATELY!


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