Happy Monday one & all…

I’ve had an incredible past few weeks and the best part of it so far happened on Saturday. I’ll get into it more as this month progresses, but just know that some things will definitely be changing around here quite soon! I wanted to start the week with a bunch of things that brought me great joy lately.

Doily Blanket from GOOD KNITS

It would be pretty dope to try and make this myself, but for those who can’t (or if I somehow give up) this blanket by Good Knits has my name written all over it. (via Danni)

I decided not too long ago that I want to try and grow my hair again. I’ve done it a few times successfully, but I am a bit scissor happy. I think I want to make an inspiration board and put it up in the house with these amazing women. The Coiffure Project will keep me in check.

This video has me feeling pathetic about not doing yoga like I used to so I’m really recommitting myself to getting my old super fit self back. No more slacking. Seriously.

Wayang Puppet tattoo by Guen Douglas

Our super friend and tattoo artist Guen Douglas just did another amazing tattoo on my husband last week. It is fashioned after Indonesian Wayang shadow puppets and holds a special place in D’s heart.

Have an amazing day!




Happy Thursday.

This week has seen some of the best weather since I’ve been living in Europe. I’ve been rightfully outside soaking every bit of this hot hot heat and working on getting my cocoa brown because you never know when this will just go away–never to return. Hence my silence on the internets.

I’m going to share some photos from my mom’s trip to Amsterdam. Once she booked her ticket, I knew that I would just wait to experience this city with her as a tourist. That’s something I’ve missed out on completely and now that I have it under my belt, I kind of want more. I view Amsterdam with a different eye because I have most of D’s radar as far as what is and isn’t a tourist trap.

We went to a lot of museums that I’ll write about bit by bit. Some were terribly interesting while others left me completely hollow.  Over the next few days, I’ll share photos of our time together and talk about some of the things we did.







Support Prologue: From The Shelter Of My Mind

I have finally resurfaced! I’ve got a ton of recapping of my mom’s trip to do but that will come later this week. Today I am dedicating to my great friend, wedding officiant and sometimes spiritual mentor Adam Tillman-Young. He wrote a book! Do you know how unbelievably difficult it is to write a book? I remember we had a conversation years ago about writing books and he’s gone and done it. What an inspiration! It’s called, Prologue: From The Shelter Of My Mind. He’s an outrageously amazing and hilarious and sincere person. Just completely rare. While I don’t want to oversell him (I don’t even know if that’s humanly possible) I am leaving this space with one MAJOR request.

Watch his video. Go to his Kickstarter. Support his project. You will be a better person for it. The world will be better for it. Adam will most likely catch a fit of delight from it. Please let his flower grow. If there is anyone who is more deserving, I’d have a hard time finding them. He is just tops!

He is almost at $1,000 and needs another $5300 to complete his goal. Let’s make his dream come true. Let’s say you can’t afford even $1 (it is possible), I’d love EVERYONE to spread the word. Post it on your facebook page, your blogs, your tumblrs, twitters, instagrams, whatever else there is!

Thank you & I love you today and everyday.


What I’ve learned about love

What I've learned about love

I’ve always found myself to be a hard lover. A deep lover. An extremely intense passionate being. I’ve loved a thousand times in a million different ways, but my 20s really exposed me to so many different levels of love. It even brought me to the point of disbelief in love at first sight. Of falling in love. The redemption of love.

The start of my 20s found me in stubborn love. I’m notorious for not quitting things, a lot of the times in my past, to my detriment. I’m a lesson learner. I mistook my name for Florence Nightingale. I felt like my love and space was the great healer. I could cure any inability to treat me exactly like I deserved. I let him call the shots. I lost myself. I gained too much weight. I became a shadow of the lover I always thought I would be. While I was growing and growing in my confirmation of the type of adult I would undoubtedly become, I allowed the most precious private parts of me to be mistreated in one slight way or another. I became a jealous person. I became a snoop. I became untrusting.

Then I learned to get myself together again. I saw me again. And I stepped away from that situation.

After that, I was still a bit shaken up but strapped with years of emotional experience in my bag I marched forward. Looking back, one thing I will always be proud of is my ability to give everyone a full and fair chance. I didn’t allow whatever a person did to me or I allowed to have done negatively affect a new relationship.

There were some duds and some became great friends that I love dearly. But with each new experience my intuition became stronger and I learned to stop questioning and doubting that force within me. I trusted when I was presented something not quite right. I’ve had eerie visions in the past and done some extreme things (taking a plane ride to prove a point?). I’m a protected woman of conviction, what can I say?

Luckily for me, these were all short lived experiences and I met the man I’d marry in my mid 20s. Even that threw me for a loop, because I met him when I definitely was not interested in a relationship and felt myself growing exponentially in my singleness and he happened to be everything I was looking for when I wasn’t looking. And it was everything it should be: whirlwind, cosmic, electric, magnetic, other worldly, and sober. All at once.

I started my 20s in a place I never in a million years thought I should be and ended it in a place I never thought actually possible, despite my tendency to dream. My 20s taught me to always believe in love. To know there’s nothing wrong with loving hard. To never feel spurned when things don’t work out how you thought, because right around the corner there is a reward awaiting you. A reward so positive, it will overshadow all the negative you may have previously experienced. A reward that will be so fulfilling, you’ll no longer need to think about the past. All you’ll think about is right now. And tomorrow.

I’ll talk about a different kind of love another time. What have you learned about love in your 20s? Any gems you care to share? Leave them in the comments section.

[This is a post in a series on lessons I've learned in my twenties. Read the first and second posts.]

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